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If you’re looking for love and ready to access the top 1% of partners and leave the rest behind, than this course will change your life.

Do you ever feel, "If I just find the right person, I can have the relationship I want"?

This isn’t the whole picture…

Imagine the perfect person walking into your life, you might actually be the reason it’s not working and not even realize it.

The truth is we attract partners at the same level of emotional health and self-awareness that we are at. A relationship can only be as healthy as its unhealthiest member.

All of you are here because you want an amazing, healthy lasting relationship. But what you keep doing isn’t working. Trust me, I’ve been where you are.


Back in 2005... I had been dating a guy for about 8 months. It was a very toxic relationship, but I had no idea because I didn’t know what I know now. All I knew was that I loved this man, and I was constantly trying to prove to him that I loved him, tiptoeing around him to make him happy and to keep him from getting angry with me, and to make sure he never left me. We had severe highs and lows.

The lowest point in that relationship came on a weekend when we had gone out on a boat with friends.

We got into another fight and he threw my phone into the water. When I went to lie down in the back of the boat to be alone, he poured a vodka drink on my head.

And guess what I did the next day when he cried and apologized and begged me to take him back?

I took him back.

Who can relate to this?

That relationship didn’t last a lot longer but I went onto have others that were not healthy. It wasn’t until about 5 years later that I woke up and started doing the EXACT work that I teach my clients.


This method that I teach completely changed me and my relationships.

I learned how to love myself and what healthy love looked and felt like. I no longer engaged with men who didn’t qualify to be amazing healthy partners and neither do my clients.

It Took Years of Work and Learning

In addition to my own rocky journey in love, I’m also a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. of Psychology

with 20+ years of clinical experience.

You don’t have to figure out on your own - I will tell you exactly what YOU need to do to change and find love. It's like 12 years of therapy in 12 weeks!


I started to share these secrets with some of my top celebrity clients, and they had MASSIVE RESULTS. Ever since then my mission has become to share these results with the world.


I have been on Extra Hollywood, Daytime Chicago, Glamor UK, published multiple times and I am the resident psychologist on the #4 podcast on mental house in the world:

The ópenHouse Podcast.

Yet, my passion remains the same, helping people take responsibility for their own love lives and stop trying to control their partners, chase love, or put up with bad/toxic behaviors. I help people of all genders and orientations understand that they deserve healthy loving partnerships. When you work with me, you will never settle for less again!


What's Included...

Option 1: Single to Engaged Online Course Self-Study $899

Option 2: Single to Engaged 3 month Coaching Container - Next round starts May 31!

What you Get in the 3 month Coaching Container:

The Single To Engaged Online Course

This course consists of 12 modules and weekly homework that will cover everything you need to attract, develop and sustain healthy love. Over the course of the 3 months you will complete the course doing one module a week which includes a video and homework.(Value $899)

Your Unconscious Attraction

Each member will fill out a small worksheet and Dr. Tari will synthesize the information and tell you who your “unconscious attraction” has been leading you to choose in love and how to change this attraction. You will learn WHY what you’ve been doing has not been working and how to change those patterns. (Value $497)

Group Coaching Calls

You will have Zoom Video Coaching Calls weekly for 12 weeks. These calls will be your opportunity to ask Dr. Tari your questions, get feedback and have Dr. Tari and the other members guide you through the triumphs and hurdles that come up as you’re doing this important work. Calls are recorded and you will have access to them that way as well. (Value $3600)


Private Facebook Group

Dr. Tari will appear there at least weekly to answer questions, and speak about topics you are asking for. This will also be a place for you to share your successes, experiences and struggles along the way so that you can get support from both Dr. Tari and other STE group members. While you may feel alone in your dating and relationship struggles now, that is all about to change.. ($500 value)

A WhatsApp Community of Hearts message group

Have Dr. Tari and your community at your fingertips. Members can join a Whatsapp group and message ME and each other with questions and support anytime. I will be available to answer questions and provide support as needed! Always have me in your back pocket to help you navigate difficult, confusing or new situations or to get support, encouragaement and reminders of how to do your work. ($1500 value)

Total Value = $6996

Investment is only:

One time payment of $3300


3 monthly payments of $1200

  • ​A 12 Module Online Course

  • Your Unconscious Attraction Analysis

  • Weekly Coaching calls for 12 weeks

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • A WhatsApp Community of Hearts message group

  • BONUS: 12 Universal Qualifiers and 19 Universal Disqualifies in Love PDF: Priceless

Hurry! Next round starts May 31st.

I'm Here Every Step of the Way

Meet Jill, a recent graduate of Single to Engaged

Do you Want to be Engaged and in an amazing relationship this time next year? Here are just a few things you will learn in Single to Engaged:

Conscious Partner

Learn the 4 Essential Qualities of a Conscious Partner and level yourself up to become a Conscious Partner who attracts the same. Uncover your Unconscious Attraction and transform so you become attracted to healthy partners who can actually love you.

Universe Test

Universe Test

Learn to "see" tests from the Universe and together we will help you pass each test as it comes your way, moving you forward toward your path to LOVE.

Identify Red Flags

Become an expert at Red Flags and saying "NO" to partners who are not healthy and with no long term potential. No more wasting time in the wrong relationship.

Level Up Your Mindset

Level up your Mindset and change your Energetic Vibration to create a different reality and help you access a new level of relationships. You will create new patterns, a new path and a new YOU.

Universe Test

Remove Unconscious Blocks

Remove and heal any unconscious blocks that have pushed away or blocked love in the past.

Universe Test

Healthy Love

Learn to see clearly that every person you meet, every decision you make either moves you toward healthy LOVE OR keeps you stuck or leads you away from it. By the end of the year, you will be in love and planning your life with a healthy and committed partner.


It's amazing to see all the text messages about Successful LOVE stories and how this course changed my clients lives. You are next, when you commit to your love journey!

Just read what Megan, a graduate of the Single to Engaged course sent, "Hi! Sorry I haven't responded to your email, between moving (twice), trips to see friends, surviving the school year, and planning the wedding life has been hectic. It's been so good, but busy. We got married yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support in getting to this point. It was an amazing day, and I am so happy!"

"Before joining to Single To Engaged I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than 4 months and I was in my late 30s. And none of those relationships had been very healthy. Single to Engaged showed me what my blocks were in love and also helped me understand why I kept choosing the wrong people to date. Since Single to Engaged has ended, I’ve had a year long relationship with a wonderful man, who, while did not turn out to be my long term partner, treated me kindly and we parted as friends. I am currently in a new relationship full of mutual respect, effort, kindness and we are both excited and looking toward the future. Without Dr. Tari’s help, I would still be struggling and alone, wondering why love never found me. Thanks to Single to Engaged, I get to experience healthy love and get to share my life with someone amazing. If you have any doubt about joining, do it now! It will change everything for the better!"
Samantha NYC

Hi! I’m Dr. Tari. My passion is helping people elevate themselves internally so they can access elevated relationships and partners. I am passionate about this work because of my own rocky journey to love and self-love. For years I did my best in relationships but always ended up exhausted, heartbroken, and confused. It wasn’t until I discovered the secrets to personal alignment and healing that everything changed. I’ve found that before we have self-awareness and the tools to shift our beliefs, self-view and old templates and roles, we continue to be attracted to people who can’t love us and spend our time trying to get or keep love that is unattainable. I know that complete and total transformation is possible because of my own personal transformation as well as witnessing thousands of these transformations in my clients in my role as a psychologist. I want to help you with your own transformation so you can access and keep healthy, joyful love. It’s yours for the taking. It’s waiting for you to level up so you resonate with it. If you’re ready, let’s go. You will learn to access the top 1% of partners and leave the rest behind.
Dr. Tari Mack

If You Missed The Replay...Watch The Full Mini Workshop For Free

3 Secrets that everyone needs to know in dating!

The Ultimate intro to Single to Engaged in ONE YEAR Introducing the 12 week accelerated group coaching program to create your own love story!

"The course Single to Engaged was in many aspects an eye opener for me. It helped me go through the inner work I needed to finally get over old junk I wasn't letting go of, and it helped me to go from being absolutely terrified to even think of starting to date again, to feeling whole, at ease, and excited about going out again and meeting the right person for me, this time knowing my value, and with peace of mind. I absolutely recommend this program, it took me from clueless to aware and secure. Thank you, Dr. Tari!! "

Iris, Portugal

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Core Belief

What we long for is meant for us and no one can save us or make us happy  - we have to learn to do that for ourselves. What we want is waiting for us and we have to do the work to access it. Life should be peaceful and joyful and we get tests/lessons in life based on what we need to learn and how we need to grow. These tests and lessons show up in our dating life as well. Everything is always working out for us, our thoughts create our reality, what we focus on grows, and the quality of our life depends on our thoughts and actions.

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